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The Cam Academy Trust

Since April 2016, Gamlingay Village Primary has been a member of The Cam Academy Trust. Set up in 2011 to oversee the conversion of Comberton Village College to academy status, The Cam Academy Trust’s role is now to ensure excellence for all in each of the Trust’s academies, which currently also comprise the South Cambridgeshire village colleges in Comberton (including Sixth Form)Cambourne Village College and Melbourn Village College,  St Peter’s School (and Sixth Form) in Huntingdon, Hartford Junior and Infant Schools, Thongsley Fields Primary and Nursery also in Huntingdon, Offord Primary School, our neighbours Everton Heath Primary, Everton and Jeavons Wood Primary School, Cambourne. Bourn Primary Academy joined as an associate member in September 2021.

Further information about Gamlingay's membership of the Trust, including financial information, can be found by clicking here.

To view the Articles of Association, click here.

The core values of The Cam Academy Trust

The Cam Academy Trust oversees six core values that are at the heart of all Academies overseen by the Trust. These core values will be at the heart of Gamlingay Village Primary, helping to set its ethos and guide its work and educational provision:

  1. The excellence principle.
    Education must be of the very highest standard.
  2. The comprehensive principle.
    Education must be for all types and abilities of pupils.
  3. The broad education principle. 
    Education must incorporate a broad range of subjects and personal development.
  4. The community principle.
    Every Academy must be at the heart of its local community and serve it well.
  5. The partnership principle.
    Each Academy must seek to work positively in partnership with others for mutual benefit.
  6. The international principle.
    The curriculum inside and outside the classroom must have a clear international dimension.

For more information on The Cam Academy Trust click here or to read the prospectus click here