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Values & ethos

Gamlingay Village Primary is a learning community. This is our central value as we passionately believe that we are all learners and further developing ourselves will lead to excellence for all.  

We are a cohesive, nurturing and forward-thinking learning community. Through creativity and ambition we create opportunities and experiences which enable all our learners to become well-rounded, reflective individuals. Our strong partnerships with other Trust schools and the CB23 Network supports collaboration which strengthens the opportunities and provision our children at Gamlingay Village Primary experience. 

As an academy of The Cam Academy Trust, we believe in its six core principles – Excellence for all, Partnership, Broad Education, International, Community and Comprehensive. We have also developed our nine core values to ensure we have a common language, which incorporates the school's Golden Rules and further promotes pupils’ understanding of British Values.

Our core values are Respect, Aspire, Grow

We are an Inclusive Learning Community with high Aspirations.

We pride ourselves in being Respectful, Reflective, Caring and Creative.

We strive to develop our Resilience and Responsibilities.