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Our intention is that the children at Gamlingay Village Primary will be confident and capable mathematicians, who enjoy Maths, and who work at the highest level they can.

At GVP we teach Maths using the Power Maths scheme. Power Maths is a mastery approach to learning Maths, underpinned by extensive educational research, and is fully aligned to the National Curriculum (2014). A mastery approach means that:

  • We believe all children can do Maths regardless of their innate ability or earlier Mathematical experience.
  • We enable children to learn using concrete (physical) resources alongside pictorial representations, as well as more abstract calculations.
  • We teach in an inclusive way so that all learners can access the main task, whilst the more advanced learners are encouraged to deepen their learning through additional tasks or deeper questions to explore.
  • We believe that fluency, reasoning and problem solving are inter-connected and each aspect is developed in every lesson.
  • Our focus is on enabling the children to develop a relational understanding of Mathematical concepts, so that they can see the connections between different types of Maths, and apply their understanding to different contexts.

Our Maths programme is a spiral curriculum, where concepts are taught and re-visited year upon year giving the children the opportunity to build on prior learning. During the autumn term there is an arithmetic focus, which is then continued, developed and applied in different contexts as the children learn the other areas of mathematics throughout the primary years.