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Through Physical Education the children will have the:

Freedom to move. Freedom to choose. Freedom to improve.

Children will be immersed with opportunities to develop their fundamental movement skills from early on in their schooling. In Foundation Stage, children will be encouraged to experiment with movement and apparatus and begin to develop their fundamental movement (running, throwing, catching, kicking and balance) in a variety of different contexts.

Throughout the whole of Key Stage 2, children will be exposed to the different strands on physical education: dance; gymnastics; athletics; team games; Outdoor and Adventurous Activities; and swimming. As the children begin to master their fundamental skills, skills will be built upon and applied in both individual and team games, with elements of competition to build resilience and a strong teamwork ethic. As the pupils progress through the school, they will be challenged in a variety of sports, for example pop lacrosse and basketball, as well as taught about health and fitness in more detail through our circuits and fitness unit of learning.

During the children’s time at Gamlingay Village Primary School, there will be opportunities for intra school matches and competitions across The Cam Academy Trust for all students no matter their ability or educational need. When our children leave year 6, they will be confident, competent and inspired to live a healthy and active lifestyle giving them the ‘The freedom to move. The freedom to choose. And the freedom to improve.’