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Through the delivery of our PSHE curriculum at GVP we aim to equip children to be able to become confident, respectful, healthy and resilient individuals who understand their role in the lives of others and form positive relationships. They will have used critical thinking skills and reflection to allow them to approach challenges and issues that will arise during their lives with confidence. We hope that they will be those who will champion healthy attitudes to diversity, mental and physical health and compassion towards others. 

The PSHE curriculum has been designed to follow a spiral curriculum similar to that used in other curriculum subjects. This means that through a two year cycle each unit will contain some knowledge that builds on previous teaching and refreshes content that will be revisited later. Through the use of key questions we use a similar approach to that of other subjects whereby a balance is found between teaching content and allowing children to identify their own beliefs, values and approaches. Links will be made clear between PSHE and other curriculum subjects such as health and exercise in PE, digital safety in Computing, reproduction and growth in science.