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At GVP we want our children to grow into confident, curious and caring children. 

We recognise the importance of Science within the different strands that we cover- providing learning based on biology, physics and chemistry. With Science as a core subject, we appreciate the importance on educating the children with different aspects of the environment and modern-day problems, such as how we can care for the community around us. 

Science at Gamlingay Village Primary has been designed to incorporate key knowledge on each topic for each year group with clear progression, it also includes key skills- such as working scientifically- and helps the children to develop scientific literacy that they can apply to many different areas of their school careers as well as life. Within our Science curriculum, we educate the children on how to use a range of resources effectively in order to test hypothesis and measure accurately, harbouring scientific curiosity and giving them many practical experiences. Our children will leave having a secure Scientific knowledge base, be resilient and questioning learners.